Here I go Again

Where do I begin? I had started this blog, this particular blog at least, to experiment with a business project I was working on. To clarify, this was a pretend business that was part of a class assignment. Then, I was excited to be owning again and I thought maybe I would start blogging. So, I kept the site. My old blog used to be a little personal writing outlet. It was a creative outlet that only friends and family found interesting. And, honestly, not that many of my friends and family found it interesting. I do have some skills, and creative to outlet. This was all the intention I had for this new blog. So I made a few posts, deleted a few posts, and then ignored the site. I left this lonely narrative about runstreaking to keep a foot in the closing door.

Often, so often, I would think to myself, I should blog this. And I didn’t. So here I go again…
Someone explain to me why this song makes me cry

I have many things I want to say. Next, I’ll work on getting some of that from my brain to the page.